FAQ of Sunshine Card

What is Sunshine Card?

Sunshine Card is a Discount cum Reward Card. Sunshine Card is operated for and on behalf of Sunshine Wholesale Mart Sdn Bhd for the benefit of Sunshine Card Members.


How can I apply for a Sunshine Card? 

Membership of Sunshine Card is open to customers above eighteen (18) years of age with a permanent residential address in Malaysia. Each membership application will be charged RM8.00 as a processing fee for two (2) years membership. Just fill up the Sunshine Card application form and you will get your Sunshine Card instantly.


Where can I apply for Sunshine Card?

You can apply for Sunshine Card at any of our Sunshine Card Counters at;


What is the validity for Sunshine Card membership?

Sunshine Card membership is valid for two (2) years.


Are there any differences between the different designs of Sunshine Card? 
No, the different designs of Sunshine Card do not differ in terms, privileges and benefits hierarchy. The card holder of any design of Sunshine Card will enjoy the same benefits and privileges.


How do I update my Sunshine Card if there are any changes of personal particulars? 

To update your personal particulars, kindly;


Do I need to renew my membership?

Yes, renewal of membership is not automatic. Each cardmembers must submit his/her application form for renewal to participating outlets before the expiry date. Renewal of Principal Card membership can be made by paying RM8.00 in cash as a processing fee or by redeeming with 2500 Sunshine Card Reward Points. For those Principal Card Member who has accumulated 30,000 Sunshine Card Reward Points during the membership term will be qualified for the full waiver of RM8.00 processing fee on the next membership renewal.


Where can I renew my Sunshine Card membership?

You may renew your Sunshine Card membership at any of our Sunshine Card Centre/Counters and your membership renewal will be processed instantly. 


Can I apply for a Supplementary Card?

Yes, you may apply up to five (5) supplementary cards to your family members. The Supplementary Card membership will expire together with the Principal Card's expire date regardless of the application date of the Supplementary Card.


Do I need to pay for application of Supplementary Card?

Yes, a processing fee of RM5.00 shall be imposed for each Supplementary Card. Renewal of Supplementary Card will be FREE.


What should I do if my Sunshine Card is lost/stolen/damaged?

Cardmembers are requested to notify Sunshine Card Counters. A fee of RM8.00 will be charged for the replacement of principal card and RM5.00 for the supplementary card.


How can I earn a Sunshine Card Reward Points?

For a every purchase of RM1.00 storewide at participating outlets (Sunshine Square, Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall, Sunshine City, Sunshine Lip Sin, Suiwah Air Itam and Sunshine Convenient Stores), you will be awarded one (1) Reward Point. However, Reward Points shall NOT be entitled for Purchase with Purchase, Tenant Counters, Bulk Purchases, purchase of Sunshine Cash Vouchers and Promotional Items.


How can I enquiry for the Sunshine Card Reward Points?

For Sunshine Card Reward Points enquiry, you may;


Will my Sunshine Card Reward Points expire? 

 Yes, Sunshine Card Reward Points will be expired on the membership expire date. Sunshine Card Reward Points accumulated shall be redeemed within two (2) years term, which must be before the card expired date; otherwise Sunshine Card Reward Points will be forfeited.


Is my Sunshine Card Reward Points transferable?

No, Sunshine Card Reward Points are accumulated by the Principal and Supplementary Card Member and must be deemed by the Principal Card Members which not transferable, sellable and assignable to any other persons.


How can I redeem for Sunshine Card Reward with my accumulated Reward Points?

Only Principal Card Member with the submission and completion of the official redemption form shall make redemption for Sunshine Card Rewards at Sunshine Card Counter. Redemption should be accompanied by a valid Sunshine Card and Identification Card for verification.